Carrousel de Lancelot

In Disneyland Anaheim, we have King Arthur's Carrousel. In Disneyland Paris, there is Carrousel de Lancelot.  I would assess that this attraction doesn't quite have as regal of a stature as the original Disney park merry-go-round, but this makes sense. After all, Arthur was a king, and the king deserves the grandest monument of all, right?

Disneyland Paris' carousel is bright and colorful.


  1. Lancelot is a French character, first appearing in stories by Chretien de Troyes. Arthur is English. :)

    1. Yes, but they are bound by the Arthurian stories, where Lancelot played second fiddle to Arthur. Hence my analogy. ;)

    2. Maybe... Just sayin' from a technical standpoint, Disney was very careful to tie in as many connections to French culture as they could, like the statue of Cinderella dedicated to Perrault, and a Verne-heavy Discoveryland. I'm sure Lancelot being French had a lot to do with it. That Fleur de Lis flower bed out front of it is a bit of a giveaway too :)

    3. Yes, I suppose all that makes sense. But then again, my original blog post comparison wasn't meant to be taken literally or super seriously. ;-)


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