More Adventures in DisneyBounding

Last week, I featured some photos of some of the DisneyBounders at Dapper Day this month.  Here are a few more photos of dressed up park fans. And though not all of them in this case are necessarily dressed to Disney inspired characters, they're all in some character, which is pretty neat, don't you think?

DisneyBounders of the sci-fi and fantasy variety.

Cleverly dressed are Anna and Elsa from Frozen, and the house from Up on the left!

The 13 Black Cats stunt pilots pose in front of the Jolly Holiday. More of these folks in a future post.

Ellie and Carl from Up, with balloons fittingly in the background!

I happened upon this group while leaving Disneyland park. Another photographer was literally gathering any random strangers he could to take their photos, telling them to "Get in! Get in!," and people naturally obliged!

Finally, I caught a military outfit over in Cars Land.


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