A Tokyo Splash

Before I went to Tokyo, my Disney friends made sure to tell me to make it a point to ride Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain.  Although we have one here in Disneyland California as well as in Walt Disney World, Tokyo's was supposedly the best.  The most detailed, the most immersive, the most engaging.  And you know what? They were right.  The whole experience of Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain echoes with quality.  From all the animatronics, which run fluidly and collectively, to the more photogenic and more exposed mountain, to the energy of the theming, everything came together for just a great quality attraction.  There isn't necessarily any one particular element that is vastly spectacular.  It's just a really, really, really good ride.  And frankly, that's good enough.

A log passes by the briar patch at Tokyo Disneyland's Splash Mountain.


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