Approach to Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland is located on a corner of Lantau Island, away from the bustling city.  As such, the primary means of reaching the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is by train, taking Hong Kong's efficient, clean, and easy-to-use MTR light rail and subway system.  Once disembarking from the Hong Kong Disneyland stop, guests take a procession through a couple of wide pedestrian avenues before they come to the main promenade in front of the entrance of the park.  Here's a look at what that's like.

Here we are, at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!

Behind us is the Hong Kong Disneyland MTR station, quite modern looking!

Walk up the wide pedestrian boulevard, and one reaches a fun fountain with a surfing Mickey!

Turn right, and guests are upon the entrance gates of the park!


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