Hong Kong's Castle

The similarities between Hong Kong Disneyland and California's are numerous, but the most recognizable lies in the castle.  Both parks have a small sized Sleeping Beauty Castle that look pretty much identical.  The only difference lies in the details--at Hong Kong, everything is straighter, more crisp, more aligned, and more precise.  But the design is the same, and save some tweaks in the look of the bridge approach (and the hills in the background), one might not realize that they're different castles at a quick glance.  Take a look at this front shot and tell me what you think!

Hong Kong Disneyland's Sleeping Beauty Castle is just like the original--only more perfect.


  1. can i buy to use the image for commercial purpose.. please respond.

    1. Unfortunately, I am prohibited from selling images taken on Disney property for commercial purposes. That requires a separate permit from Disney, which I do not have.


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