Under the Lagoon

This post starts a string of five consecutive days at the Tokyo Disney Resort, not only because I recently visited it, but because I want to fill the Tokyo component of my Catalog page and ensure that I have at least one post from each land of both parks comprising the resort.

Today, we venture to Tokyo Disney Sea, into the Mermaid Lagoon area.  I consider this to be the "kiddie area" of the park, akin to A Bug's Land at Disney California Adventure.  The major difference between the two, however, is quality.  Tokyo Disney Sea has a drastically superior iteration of many of the same rides found in DCA, due to a commitment to overwhelming immersion.

Much like A Bug's Lad has Flik's Fun Fair, Mermaid Lagoon as Triton's Kingdom, an indoor area with a concentrated collection of rides.  The calypso of colors is lovely, and the atmosphere is fun and carefree.  It may truly be better down where it's wetter, or at least more photogenic, as a medley of sea life and kelp and currents swirl around in an undersea mosaic that's sure to impress the whole family.  Here's a brief glimpse!

Inside Triton's Kingdom, there are a multitude of flat rides and attractions, like Jumpin' Jellyfish and the Mermaid Lagoon Theater, which attracts long lines daily (the Japanese love their shows)

Blowfish Balloon Race is an aquatic look on a classic carnival ride.

The whole area certainly does feel like it's underwater!


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