Exploring the Arabian Coast

We finish up our Tokyo Disney run (for now) with a venture to the one port of call from which I have not yet posted a photo, Arabian Coast.  It may seem counter-intuitive to place a desert themed area in a park that's ultimately aquatic themed, but if you say that it happens to be set next to a sea, or is perhaps some bizarre (bazaar?) desert oasis, then the theme could work.  Besides, Arabian Coast is a beautiful exotic network of shops, stands, passageways, courtyards, and coastline that is a joy to explore.  It's kind of like the "Adventureland" of the park (in concert with Lost River Delta, I suppose).  A faraway place full of excitement.  And if the waterfront doesn't strike your fancy, the stroll through an Arabian town straight of out Aladdin--you'll feel like you've taken a magic carpet ride straight into Agrabah.

Yes, the Arabian Coast is absolutely lovely.  Then again, this statement redundantly applies to pretty much everything at Tokyo Disney Sea!

A sailing ship floats moored in a lagoon on Arabian Coast, with Mount Prometheus in the background.

There are streets and alleyways to be explored in Agrabah!

The architecture is quite charming.

And there are lush, verdant areas too!


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