Below the Deck of the Columbia

With the year-long closure of the Rivers of America for preparations related to the construction of "Star Wars" land, the ships the sail around these waterways have also been docked indefinitely.  Here's a look at the nautical museum below the deck of the ship, depicting life as it was like in 1787 for the first American crew to circumnavigate the globe.

Life on a ship involves getting used to tight quarters.
The galley is spacious by comparison...
But not that spacious.
A few decorations aboard the ship.
Moving on toward the kitchen.
Imagine preparing food while the ship tossed and turned over the waves at sea!
Round back toward the steps leading up to the deck.
Another look at the kitchen and pantry area.
The steps leading down from the deck.
And to the living quarters to the stern of the ship.
The Captain's Quarters is the most luxurious, but everything is pretty close together.
Looking back toward the bow.
And a bit of daylight from the grate above.


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