Coasting through the Gulch

What Hong Kong Disneyland lacks in a Frontierland it makes up for in Grizzly Gulch, and what it misses in omitting a Big Thunder Mountain Railroad it compensates with Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, an out-of-control roller coaster experience through caves, across wilderness, past mischievous bears, and traversing both forward and backward.  Here are a few shots of experience!

A train comes hurtling by the geysers.

Rounding a sweeping turn over a bridge.

Mine cars climb a slow and steady hill.
Toward the top, however, the cable snaps!
And the train begins to hurtle backwards.

Here it comes! In reverse!
The ride has many dips and dives.
It's incredibly fun!
Like Big Thunder Mountain, it's not for the youngest tykes, but it's not overly extreme either!
It's a fitting evolution in the mine train roller coaster genre!


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