Hong Kong's Paint the Night

While the Paint the Night Electrical Parade is a feature part of the Disneyland 60th Anniversary celebration, it actually got its start in Hong Kong Disneyland, where a slightly shorter version still runs regularly.  There are some differences over there, though, both in the parade routing and in minor details in the floats.  Here's a brief photo tour of their parade!

As with Disneyland's, Hong Kong's Paint the Night begins with Tinker Bell and an escort of fairies, but her friends, Rosetta, Iridessa, and Silvermist, are missing.

Tink is still super photogenic here, though!

Monsters, Inc. comes next--no World of Color leftover puppets here--with the same float as California's.

Next is the Cars segment with Lightning McQueen...
And the sparkling Mac as well.
The Little Mermaid is next, dazzling as with ours.  No Finding Nemo tie-in, though.
The princess float is just Belle.  Rapunzel and Cinderella are not present.
Close-up of a court dancer.
Next comes Toy Story.  Woody sits atop Slink, with Buzz (not pictured) to the side.  No Little Green Men mini-float.
Finally, we have Mickey and friends.  Yes, this means no Frozen float in Hong Kong.  Also, instead of fan spinners, the dancers are on pogo sticks.
The character floats are the same, though.  Goofy leads the way.
Then comes Donald.
Minnie is right before Mickey.
And the mouse himself with the hypnotizing helix float culminates the parade!


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