Sea Beyond the Space

Disney parks are usually tightly controlled to manipulate sightlines and viewpoints in just the way the Imagineers want. After all, the goal is the fully immerse guests in the illusion of these wondrous lands of dream and fantasy.  But sometimes, guests are afforded glimpses beyond just their park, and sometimes within those sometimes, it ends up being a wonderful surprise--so much so that you question whether or not it was an accident.

The example below was taken from the line of Space Mountain.  I was strolling through the FastPass queue during my Japan trip last November when I happened to gaze up the Tomorrowland concourse in the direction of Toon Town.  The mid afternoon sun was starting to cast a wonderful golden light, but what struck me wasn't just the towering StarJets in the immediate distance, but the glimpse of elements of neighboring Tokyo Disney Sea just beyond!  The rooftops of Arabian Coast, the looming shape of the Tower of Terror, and the dominant outline of Mount Prometheus were all in easy view, and I knew that I had to take a photo of this fantastic layering of park monuments.

Add the fluffy clouds and blue sky in the background, and you have possibly favorite Tokyo Disney photo I never expected to take!

From the queue of Tokyo's Space Mountain, one can spot the StarJets plus icons from Tokyo Disney Sea beyond!


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