Inside the Salon Nouveau

Every so often, I'll dig through my photos and come across some Club 33 content and think to myself, "Why don't I post more of these?"

So today, I present some more snapshots from within the Club 33 expansion, the Salon Nouveau, an art nouveau inspired jazz club setting with a fantastic bar and great food.  It's kind of like an exclusive Carthay Circle Lounge in terms of the cuisine offered, but with a French theme.  And it's a wonderful ambiance in which to enjoy a meal or a drink.

The bar is lavishly furnished.

The bartenders make some potent and tasty alcoholic drinks!

An absinthe dispenser is on display at a corner.

Tables in the middle of the space under a gorgeous stained glass lightbox.

The player piano provides music with a beat.

A small lounge area is set up off to the side of the entrance of the Salon Nouveau.

Most notable here is the remains of the old classic Club 33 elevator that used to be located inside of the original lobby.


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