Shanghai's Soaring Queue

Soaring Over the Horizon is one of the most popular rides at Shanghai Disneyland.  For guests who've ridden the equivalent ride at Disney California Adventure or EPCOT, it's not necessarily worth waiting one or two hours for Shanghai's version (unless you really, really, really want to see the final scene, which flies over the Bund and Pudong portion of the city instead of over Disneyland or Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom).

However, it's worth noting that the queue for attraction is relatively well done, taking on a mystical indigenous desert dwelling people's motif.  The most spectacular portion is the large, main switchback area, where a "sky" full of stars and the Milky Way shines overhead.  In photos, this looks pretty impressive.  In person, it's nice, but the projection of the Milky Way looks too obvious, interrupting the illusion.  In addition, the fire sprinkler heads (which I've edited out of the photos below) clearly call out the ceiling nature of the space.

Still, it's cool to go through if the wait is not long, so I recommend heading to Soaring first thing in the morning, right at park opening, to enjoy a relatively short line and take in the space. 

The first portion of the queue features some scattered "native" pottery pieces.

This area benefits from nice lighting but is a far cry from the immersiveness of something like the Indiana Jones Adventure line.

Things get a little more photogenic in the next space.

Here, a million stars glitter overhead.

A projection and deliberate painting and lighting create the illusion of the starry sky way out in the desert.

The safety spiel is different than the American versions.  Sadly, there's no Patrick.  Instead, a mystical eagle/shapeshifter serves as the host.


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