Those Rainy Orleans Nights

Even though last year was supposed to be the wet "El Niño" year, and this year was supposed to be a drought-exacerbating "La Niña" year, the past couple of months have featured plenty of much welcome rain to the state of California.  And while most of the volume has gone to Northern California and its mountains and forests, SoCal has gotten some pretty good drenchings too.  Unfortunately for me, these have always come while I've been away or busy or otherwise able to take advantage of the photo opportunities of nighttime rain.

Until this past Wednesday night.

With rain (but not hard rain) in the forecast, I left work en route to the Happiest Place on Earth with the hope that the weather gods might smile upon me.  To my dismay, the streets were dry my entire commute over to Disneyland.  Even upon parking, the ground remained parched.  But then, halfway through my walk to the park, the drops started falling.  First, a light mist.  Then a sprinkle.  And finally, a good smatter of rain.  Not pounding, torrential rain--which was actually good.  Just enough to give the concrete a nice, shiny coating to provide those slick reflections photographers oh so crave.

By the time there was sufficient moisture to photograph, the parks were emptying out, with Disneyland having already passed its off-season early closing time.  But along with a friend who was here on vacation from Hawaii, we waited out the crowds, and eventually, we found bliss in the engagement of rainy evening photography.  Few sights are as magical.

The iconic masquerade mask over Royal Street in New Orleans Square.
The pavement glistens outside of the Blue Bayou Restaurant.
The damp evening provided a moody and romantic ambiance.
The large windows of Club 33 above yielded more light to shine down on the wet concrete.
Looking toward the gate guarding the Court of Angels beyond.


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