Night Upon Roaring Mountain

My nighttime photography from my Shanghai Disneyland visit last month was half successful.  I was really only able to get good, long exposure, thought-out compositions from Mickey Avenue, the Gardens of Imagination, and Tomorrowland, due to the relatively early closing time and the fact that Ignite the Dream, the park's castle show, occurred right at park closing, removing the ability to shoot other parts of the park after the show's conclusion (other than the Gardens of Imagination and Mickey Avenue).

This ended up being my only nighttime photo from Adventure Isle (other than a vertical orientation of this same scene and angle).  The towering icon of Roaring Mountain (setting for Roaring Rapids--which happened to be closed during my visit) made for an imposing and foreboding sight, especially bathed in those deep blues and purples to enhance the dramatic scene after dark.  I wish I had gotten more photos here, and I certainly had multiple perspectives in mind.  But I guess that's inspiration for another trip in the near future!

The Challenge Trails in front of Adventure Isle's Roaring Mountain at night.


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