Welcome to Treasure Cove

Our first pass photo tour of Shanghai Disneyland continues with a quick look around Treasure Cove, the first ever pirate themed land in any Disney park.  This swashbuckling area is home to Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure, the most spectacular and technologically advanced attraction Disney has ever created.  But it also features a lovely Caribbean seaside ambiance that promotes exploration and adventure (making it a fitting neighbor to Adventure Isle).  Though the skies and weather were not so favorable during my time at Shanghai Disneyland last month, I've done my best to convey the ambiance of this fun and visually charming part of the park.  Take a look!

Guests coming into Treasure Cove off of the Gardens of Imagination will see this beached ship.
One might consider this the Frontierland replacement of Shanghai Disneyland, especially with the waterfront element, a pirate ship, and a canoe ride in the form of Explorer Canoes.
A close-up of the skull-like rockwork in the middle of the cove.

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride is the obvious star of the land and fully unlike any other in any other park.
Another pirate ship serves as a play area for kids at the Shipwreck Shore attraction.
This is primarily a water play area.
The skeleton prisoner is a nice detail in the park that might go unnoticed by many.
A look at the Siren's Revenge pirate ship, docked at Landlubber Landing, with Roaring Mountain in the background.

The entrance to Barbossa's Bounty, a quick serve restaurant with views of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride ala Blue Bayou (but without the pricing and reservation-required premium)!
A different angle of the architecture around Treasure Cove.


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