Cemetery Behind the Manor

Happy Friday the 13th, folks!  And in October, no less!  That makes things extra spooky, and to celebrate, I figured I'd share some photos from one of the spookiest Disney places around, Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris!  Unlike the Haunted Mansions in Disneyland, Disney World, and Tokyo Disney, the French version features a much darker storyline of murder and hopeless love and supernatural forces spreading terror across the sleepy but cursed town of Thunder Mesa.  To reinforce this, guests exiting the Phantom Manor ride can stroll through a small cemetery behind the iconic-looking mansion.  With humorous epitaths, it's not really frightening, but until you look closely, the environment certainly seems a little macabre!

The Phantom Manor still looks ominous on a beautiful day.
The graveyard behind the house features many monuments.
The detailing is pretty immersive.

The gravestones follow the Haunted Mansion tradition of being tongue in cheek.
Guests simply encounter all of this after the ride, instead of during the queue before it like in the other Haunted Mansions.


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