Skeletons in Jail

The Shanghai Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean ride is nothing short of absolutely spectacular, integrating the latest technology into the show scenes and ride vehicles to create a dynamic, immersive attraction that plunges guests right into the popular franchise.  But it is not without its nods to the original classic attraction.  One of my favorites is how Shanghai recreates the iconic jailed pirate scene, eager to attract and trick their canine jailer to relinquishing its key.  All members of this setting are dead--or perhaps undead--reminiscent of the way the undead pirates in the film series are nothing but skeletons under the moonlight.  Granted, there's probably no moonlight even scripted into this scene, but it's a cute and different way of executing a familiar scene, and just a bit fittingly spooky for this Halloween season!

This classic Pirates of the Caribbean scene gets a new twist in Shanghai Disneyland.


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