The Ghoulish Galaxy

We're basically halfway through October and 2/3 of the way through Halloween season! Where has the time gone?  Every year, there seems to be more and more attractions to visit during this spooky time, and even though Halloween fans like me extend the holiday season into September, it doesn't feel like there's enough time.  I recognize the strangeness of this, since there are some people who are only beginning to participate in Halloween-related festivities or events.  But hey, this is my favorite holiday, and I love all things spooky and scary.

Now, Disney Halloween isn't particularly frightful, but if there's one thing that comes close, it's Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy.  When it first debuted, I was taken aback at how it actually pushed a relatively intense (by Disney standards) experience, with startle scares and dynamic projections of a space spectre chasing after riders.  These days, it feels like the overlay could a technical upgrade to bring in better projections that meet today's visual media standards.  But Ghost Galaxy is still a fun ride, and one of my favorite overlays on any Disney attraction!


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