The Monsters After Dark

Happy Halloween, folks!  We take one final look at something spooky this season, and that takes us over to Hollywood Land.  For Halloween Time, the Guardians of the Galaxy attraction received a nighttime overlay that transformed it into Guardians of the Galaxy: Monsters After Dark.  The premise was simple: help Rocket rescue Baby Groot, who was inadvertently left behind in Guardians of the Galaxy - Mission: Escape (the daytime version).  Just avoid all the monsters that have been let loose by the power outage.

The nighttime version is a lot of fun, complete with a metal soundtrack and some wild swings up and down.  But, as we find out from this photo series, the actual monster in the Guardians ride... kind of surprising!

The lobby has been transformed into something that looks rather sinister.
It seems chaos has broken out in the Collector's Fortress.
Time for a mission, right?
Rocket sure agrees.
But imagine our surprise when it turns out the monster chasing the Guardians is... Harold?


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