Dapper Day Fall 2017: The Bounders

A week and a half ago was the latest installment of the ever-popular Dapper Day event at Disneyland.  Each Dapper Day seems to grow more and more involved, and Disney seems to even be cashing in on the trend by introducing its own version of a "Dapper Night" starting early next year. 

In the meantime, this past Dapper Day was once again filled with plenty of guests attending in clever and creative Disney Bounds.  Disney Bounding, if you're not aware, is a less intense level of dressing up in tribute of a favorite character.  But rather than intimate an exact look like cosplaying, Disney Bounding relies on using similar colors and patterns to impart the idea of a Disney character or attraction or theme.  The results can be wildly imaginative, and it's always fun to guess who is who.  Lets take a look at some of the Disney Bounders I ran into this year...

It was a villains party over at Frontierland, as I caught this group en route to another part of the park, and they were kind enough to pose for a photo.
Three of the Enchanted Tiki Room birds, plus Dole Whip!
These friends looked creeptacular as characters from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

Common among this Disney Bounding trio?  A red tone.
Fantasis was the name of the game here, with Chernabog, Sorcerer Mickey, and one of the brooms from the timeless scene bounding together.
There was a general Snow White theme here.
The Disney Muses and their friend, Monica, brought The Emperor's New Groove to style on Main Street!
I loved the color palette of this trio!
The ever adorable Cosplay Parents were at the parks as Carl and Ellie.  Serious life goals here!
Finally, this couple bounded as Olaf and Sven the reindeer.  The lit up antlers were fantastic!


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