Le Château de Nuit

It goes without saying (at least to longtime readers) that I love the castle at Disneyland Paris.  It's dreamy and whimsical and organic and elegant.  It's unique from every other Disney castle, and it's still the most beautiful one of the whole bunch.  Most of the photos I post are from the daytime because, well, that's when I had the opportunity to take them.  Nighttime photos are a bit tougher, however, because Disneyland Paris actually times its castle show at park closing, so that by the time it's over, the security guards are already sweeping.  That leaves minimal time in the Hub area to snap shots, so people-less nighttime angles like the shot below are in short supply.

Still, I find them pretty majestic.

The beautiful Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Paris glows with mystery.


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