R.I.P. Jingle Cruise

Today marks the start of the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort, and both parks will see the return of the usual host of popular Christmas-themed overlays and attractions, such as It's a Small World Holiday, the continuation of the Haunted Mansion Holiday, Carsmas, the Festival of Holidays at California Adventure, and World of Color: Season of Light.

Unfortunately, one attraction that won't be returning is the Jingle Cruise--that over the top Jungle Cruise overlay of literally a scattering of holiday decorations throughout the entire jungle, done in absolutely gaudy fashion.  Claiming to want to minimize attraction downtime, Disney made the decision to pull this overlay, which started out sort of roughly thrown together four years ago but made drastic improvements the following year and had already carved out a bit of a Christmas tradition for this part of the park.  Sadly, that tradition seems to have already been extinguished, so all we'll have left are the memories. 

And the fruitcake jokes.  So many fruitcake jokes...

The Jingle Cruise station: in overview.
Inside a skippers office.
A detail of the signage and the Christmas lighting.


  1. The idea of Jingle Cruise was funny, but at the end of the day, garbage strewn around the jungle is garbage strewn around the jungle. I surprised they haven't tried a Mele Kalikimaka overlay at the Tiki Room... Surprised, but not disappointed. It's already annoying that the actual, really for reals Haunted Mansion is down six months of the year.


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