Scenes Along the Harbor

Today's post is dedicated to my friend, Dan, who has had to deal with a minimal number of Tokyo Disney Sea posts these past two months while I've been sharing Halloween-related photos.  And also, his beloved Dodgers lost game 7 of the World Series last night, so he could use some cheering up.  Here are some of the many incredibly beautiful views one can find along Mediterranean Harbor, where the ambiance and architecture and theming really transport one to a completely faraway place.  Reminder #5827 why this is the Sea of Dreams.

Looking at American Waterfront from Fortress Explorations.
Walking up a path in Mediterranean Harbor.  This has such an immersive Tuscan feel that it can be deceptive to discern if this is Japan or Italy!
The Renaissance galleon is docked at Fortress Explorations--the part of Mediterranean Harbor physically located on Mysterious Island.
Fortress Explorations in front of Mount Prometheus at a beautiful sunset.


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