Ronto Roasters

While Docking Bay 7 carries all the attention as the flagship food stop for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, there is a secondary quick serve restaurant around the corner in the form of Ronto Roasters.  The most noticeable aspect of this little eatery is the fact that it relies on an old podracer engine to heat its meats--the place sells jerky and a sausage wrap--and a droid that turns the spit.  This guy has one of the less unenviable tasks, destined to forever operate the meat turner, and he seems to recognize his unglamorous position, muttering about from time to time.  But his efforts should be appreciated, because the Ronto Wrap is actually a surprisingly delicious bite to go, and definitely recommended for hungry guests visiting Batuu!

A large podracer engine roasts meats at Ronto Roasters.

This droid is constantly turning it.

The theming looks fantastic, though some jets of hot air would have added some realism (though they probably would be less welcome during the summer).

Beverages are dispensed at the actual counter of the quick serve restaurant.

The Ronto Roast features a sausage and slaw wrapped in a pita bread.  It's actually quite flavorful too!


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