Venice in Japan

So... I've been posting so many photos from Batuu this month that I figured it was time to mix things up a little bit.  So today's post comes from the park that I've been regularly making Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge comparisons to: Tokyo Disney Sea!  TDS is a hyper-realistic, immaculately themed, ultra-immersive theme park--the most beautiful in the world.  And much of what I've found on Batuu reminds me of the super detailed, incredibly evocative, magnificently transportive atmospheres at Disney Sea.  Take these scenes from its Mediterranean Harbor area, which creates a general Italian ambiance.  The main entrance delivers scenes of Portofino and the Italian Riviera, but off to the side, off the way to American Waterfront, there is an incredibly gorgeous Venice area that honestly feels a lot like the real thing!  The main difference is that it's a lot cleaner.  But the architecture, the canal, the scale of the space feels very similar.  And that's the grandeur of Tokyo Disney Sea.  Everywhere you look, you get a scene that absolutely takes you away to some fantastical, romantic destination.  It is, of course, the Sea of Dreams.


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