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Earlier this month, I wrote about how much Merchant Row in Black Spire Outpost reminds me of the bustling medinas of Morocco.  The dense, historic city centers of places like Marrakesh and Fez brim with a merchant energy, and while the tight quarters and sometimes aggressive vendors might be a bit intimidating for some travelers, for me, it was a glimpse into the customs and charm and history of a culture far different from what I grew up experiencing.

The Black Spire Outpost has far more courteous salespeople, but from an architectural perspective, the archways, overhead lights, canopies, earthen structures, and tight quarters echo a very similar feel.  And the Black Spire Market brings that organic, streetside marketplace atmosphere to life.  Everywhere I look, I see inspirations from Middle Eastern architecture, and I have a deeper appreciation of it after visiting Morocco late last year.  Here are a few of the many shots that I took that evoke that medina feel and brought back warm memories of a wonderful vacation.

From the outskirts of town, a grand archway marks the entrance into the Black Spire Market.

The stonework feels ancient here.

Various hanging lamps and trellises mimic the shading devices and overhead fixtures that are found in the medina streets of Marrakesh and Fes and other cities in Morocco.

There are deviations from the authentic, of course.  This is not a Morocco-themed land, it's a Batuu-themed land.

But there connections are evident for anyone who's had the fortune to visit both destinations (Batuu and Morocco).

Looking back at the entry archway.

Looking up is more interesting to me than looking straight ahead.

The layers and layers of detail are awe-inspiring!


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