The Parisian Dragon

Today may not be World Dragon Day (apparently, that's a thing), but I nonetheless want to remind you of the amazing and dramatic dragon that lurks in the cavern beneath Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland Paris.  Many people approach the castle and gaze with wonder at how gorgeous it is.  And I don't disagree; it is the most beautiful Disney castle in my opinion.  But guests would do themselves a disfavor if they didn't venture to a side passage that ducks underneath the castle.  Because there, a slumbering dragon rests, just safely beyond the observation area, and guests can wait to see him occasionally awake and bellow a huff of smoke and growls.  It's probably a bit frightening for some younger guests, but it's an awe-inspiring sight for those who brave the depths to see it!

An eerie yet magnificent cavern is the home of a fearsome dragon beneath Disneyland Paris' Sleeping Beauty Castle.


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