The Mystic House on the Hill

The first time I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, the skies weren't too camera friendly, and most of the day was covered under an unappealing drab gray that didn't really allow the various settings to pop like they should.  Fortunately, I had a mulligan a year later, and this second time around, the weather was much more cooperative, yielding beautiful, sunny skies that brought out vivid colors and lovely lighting.  Perhaps nowhere was I more appreciative for this than at Mystic Manor, the incredible E-Ticket in the Mystic Point section of the park and my personal #1 Disney ride in the entire world.  The trackless ride system, whimsical storyline, spectacular effects, and adorable protagonist combine to yield a transportive experience that really brings back that Disney magic that hooks people as children.  But outside is pretty charming as well--a Haunted Mansion-esque structure with a fantastical twist, mixing architectural styles that seem to range from England to Russia.  It's an unforgettable building and attraction all around, and I highly recommend making a pilgrimage to check it out to anyone who is a diehard Disney fan!

Mystic Manor is spectacular and eccentric both inside and out!


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