Bright Suns from Batuu

Off-world guests who visit the planet of Batuu may initially find some of the local vernacular to be a little confusing.  The locals often like to say things like "Bright suns!" or "Till the spire!" or "May the spires keep you" as part of their everyday speech.  Fortunately, a little bit of time in this world allows the customary phrases to reveal their meanings (and guests can always ask a local to explain; they'll be happy to do so!).  Here are a few commonly used phrases that will help guests blend in a little better among the citizens of Black Spire Outpost!

  • "Bright suns!" - used as a greeting during the daytime
  • "Dim suns!" - used sparingly as a greeting around sunset
  • "Rising moons!" - used as a greeting during the evening
  • "Til the spire!" - used as an informal goodbye, more in the way of "see you later"
  • "May the spires keep you!" - used as a more formal goodbye
  • "Good journey!" - used as the most informal form of goodbye
  • "Only the ancients know!" - used to say "I don't know"
  • "Ignite the spark!" - used as a secret greeting among Resistance members
  • "Light the fire!" - the appropriate response to the phrase above
  • "On planet" - refers to anything within Batuu
  • "Off planet" - refers to anything outside of Batuu, i.e. the rest of Disneyland
The people around Batuu also refer to some commonplace nomenclature a little differently:
  • hydrator (drinking fountain)
  • refresher (restroom)
  • youngling (child)
  • data pad (smart phone / tablet)
  • credits (cash / dollars)
  • image scan (photograph)
There are probably more that I'm forgetting, but this should give you a bit of a Cliffs Notes on how to converse around Black Spire Outpost.  Until then, til the spire!

One of Batuu's three bright suns shines over the spires around Black Spire Outpost.

Golden hour in the streets of Black Spire Outpost.


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