The Beauty of Batuu

One of the surprises that Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge gave me was the lack of an entryway moneyshot similar to that iconic and incredible vista of Ornament Valley from the rocky arched entrance into Cars Land off of Pacific Wharf.  It is such a magnificent establishing shot that really draws guests into the land.

Entering Batuu, however, there is no comparable sequence that packs such an oomph.  But fortunately, that's because the Imagineers have laid out this incredible reveal deeper into the land, when guests finally encounter the Millennium Falcon.  Just past Oga's Cantina, an archway frames a most heavenly view of the galaxy's most famous ships, under the spectacular, towering Bakaar Spire, hiding away Ohnaka Transport Solutions. 

It's an incredible scene, and find it absolutely awe-inspiring.  So when I stopped by on-planet again a couple of nights ago, I just had to wait and get the ethereal empty-shot (mostly) scene!

The iconic archway shot of the Millennium Falcon and the spires of Batuu.


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