Entry into the Outpost

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge may not have an epic entryway frame coming from "off planet," but it definitely has plenty of framing devices littered throughout.  One that I hadn't really passed through in my previous visits to Batuu is an entryway that connects to Frontier Trail on the Fantasyland side of the park.  This is an entrance that will not be present in the Disney Hollywood Studio iteration of Galaxy's Edge, but the entryway below will be present as simply another gate of sorts into the Black Spire Outpost.  In this angle, there's a glimpse of the buildings beyond and even some of the lovely spires that flank the Millennium Falcon.  It's a frame that beckons for more, and one that promises adventure and exploration.  For a planet on the edge of Wild Space, those are exactly the attributes being sought!

The gateway into Batuu off the Fantasyland side entrance from Disneyland.


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