Last Spire to the Outpost

Most of the photos I've taken of Batuu feature the incredible architecture and spaces of Black Spire Outpost, but this land is not only about the dense settlement and spaceport.  A little ways out of town, the wilderness of Batuu quickly takes over, with rugged greenery and craggy rock spires emerging.  The rocks spires are actually remnants of Batuu's biological past.  They're the remains of petrified trunks of ancient and enormously towering trees that have been weathered into rock over the millennia.  The largest spires have become settlements, with the native citizens carving lodgings and businesses and event space docks into them.  But the smaller ones can be found even a stone's through outside of Merchant Row, showcasing a tangible imprint of this planet's fascinating geological background!

The transition between the more rugged and remote Resistance wilderness and the built-out, architecturally encompassing ambiance of Black Spire Outpost.


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