Gold on Oga

Batuu is a land of endless frames and corridors and details, and I feel like I've just begun to tap into the different personalities and feels of this remote planet outpost.  But one of my favorite things to hunt for lately involves catching those pristine end-of-day moments where the golden sun is casting its glow on a building or spire or space, and the scene seems to dazzle to life with that extra warmth and soft light.  Sometimes, this coincides with actual magic hour, and other times, it's a little earlier, thanks to the angle the sun is coming in.  But as the sun tilts higher and lower in the sky throughout the year, I know that different personalities will emerge at different areas of this rugged and intricate land.  I look forward to seeing the many faces of a golden Galaxy's Edge.

Golden hour sets on the facade of Oga's Cantina in Batuu.


  1. Can you please eventually make a post on your top 10 Disney rides worldwide with your amazing pictures and a little description about the ride especially about how Mystic Manor represents that warm Disney feel that makes you feel like a kid again, please that would be an awesome post!

    As well as maybe just a top rides in general (like coasters from amusement parks), and a Universal ride list, please at least just the Disney one!


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