X-Wing Plaza

Most of Disneyland Paris' Discoveryland is flowing and organic and a lovely mix of bold, striking architecture and harmonious landscape.  But off to the side leading toward Fantasyland, there's a little offshoot that plays host to Star Tours, and with it, a bit of a Star Tours theme.  It's not that large, and it can be easily missed off the main walkways of Discoveryland.  But it's there, X-Wing and all, to welcome guests who stroll through this open plaza.  It used to sort of stand out in its differnce compared to the theming of Discoveryland, but ever since Space Mountain converted to Hyperspace Mountain, it's found a fellow colleague in that Galaxy Far Far Away theme!

Discoveryland is by and large themed to Jules Verne, but a small snippet of it takes on the Star Wars IP.


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