Magic Happens at Night

Over the weekend, Disneyland released a cool, professionally-shot video of the new Magic Happens parade with source audio soundtrack, to help bring a little Disney magic to all of us stuck at home while public life has largely ground to a halt in the wake of the COVID-19 causing Coronavirus outbreak.  This was a great gesture and showcases the magic and energy of the parade, but one thing it doesn't do is capture the parade at night.  You see, for the first week of the parade's run, before Daylight Saving Time began, the later procession actually occurred after the sun set, bringing a unique and evocative ambiance to the entire feel of the parade.

Here are some photos taken from The Hub, down Main Street, showing Magic Happens in its unique evening flair!

Mickey Mouse and a team of dancers lead the way for Magic Happens.

Mickey is illuminated on his Sorcerer's Hat float.

Moana rides the waves of the sea next.

Maui and Pua share a second float for the movie.

Miguel strums the guitar in the Coco float.

His energy is infectious!

The Día de los Muertos colors and vibrance of the flat are awesome.

Pepita is an impressively cool puppeteered figure!

Frozen II comes next, with the dancers representing the Aspen trees of the Enchanted Forest.

Glimpsing Anna through the trees.

Elsa swirls the elements from high above.

Anna is her lovable, goofy self with Olaf.

The classic characters return to round out the parade.

Cinderella gets her own float.

The Sword and the Stone get some parade float love in Magic Happens! Merlin and Arthur are great.

Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen share an enchanting moment under a magical mangrove tree.

Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather circle around the final float.

And Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip close out Disneyland's newest parade!


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