The Galactic Starport

There were a few things different the last time I went to Disneyland Paris, last November, compared to five+ years prior.  The most notable to me was the portion of Discoveryland adjacent to Fantasyland, where Star Tours was located.  The whole area had been reconfigured to more of a space port aesthetic, with more prominent architecture fronting the entrance into the Star Tours.  Most photogenic was the facade of the attraction's souvenir store, Star Port, highlighted by a full sized X-Wing sitting on a landing pad.  This was a contrast to the previous time I saw it, perched much closer to ground level (but still looking pretty sleek and majestic).  I'm not even sure when this all changed over, but I do dig the new, futuristic aesthetic!

An X-Wing sits perched on top of Starport, the souvenir shop for guests exiting Disneyland Paris' Star Tours.


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