Magic Happens

Last past weekend saw the debut of Magic Happens, Disneyland's first new daytime parade in nearly ten years!  Other than Paint the Night and seasonal event specials, the last new parade at Walt's Original Magic Kingdom was Mickey's Soundsational, which debuted back in 2011.  Can you believe it's been that long?

Well, the new procession is a fitting successor, with a nine stunning and intricately detailed floats, immaculate costumes created especially for Magic Happens, and a catchy, groovy, slightly funky soundtrack composed by Todrick Hall.  Showing love to some of the newer or alternatively lesser-featured movies in recent Disney spectaculars, such as Frozen II, MoanaThe Sword and the Stone, and others, Magic Happens is a wonderful display of moving visual storytelling mixed with a lot of contemporary dance choreography and modern design aesthetics.  We'll be going in-depth on each segment over the next week, but here's an overview of the 15 minute-or-so parade!

Dancers clad in cool, festive hues of cerulean blue, ultraviolet, and mustard gold signal the start of the parade.

The costuming is an eclectic but dazzling mix of fantastical whimsy.

Mickey Mouse leads the way on the first float, fittingly posing in front of the sorcerer's hat.

Mickey's pals are right behind, like Donald and Minnie and Goofy and Chip 'n' Dale and Pluto.

Moana gets the first float, with oceanic dancers leading the way.

The float is a stunning and detailed celebration of the sea, with Moana sailing across a wood-carved ocean that also utilizes flowing LED screens to maintain a constant, fluid sense of the waves.

More dancers follow, plus that clueless and trouble-finding rooster, Hei Hei!

There's so much riveting and infectious energy in the parade!

Maui follows on his own float, which features a vibrant and lush tropical foliage.

The colors transition into the next segment, Coco, arriving with plenty of festive flair!

Miguel stands under a lovely gazebo that flanks the magical bridge to the underworld.

Pepita is puppeteered by a whopping five performers and strides along in dazzling glory!

Onto Frozen II, and a series of dancers representing the forest outside Arondale.

The Frozen II float is the longest and **second** tallest float of the parade.

It features Anna and Elsa and Olaf.

Kristoff brings up the rear, pulling his vegetable cart.

Coming down the home stretch, a host of familiar, classic Disney characters make their appearance: Peter Pan, Fairy Godmother, the Pinocchio, Tinker Bell, the Blue Fairy...

...Genie and Aladdin too!

Cinderella is featured in an intricate pumpkin carriage that looks like a carved work of art!

The Sword and the Stone gets some love, as Merlin and Arthur have a Gothic ruins float.

Another highlight in the parade is Tiana and Naveen's lush bayou float, full of foliage and greenery.

Another set of dancers before the final float...

...which belongs to Sleeping Beauty.  Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather rotate around, casting their spells of celebration!

Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip stand in front of a shiny, almost-steampunk set of castle spires.


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