Midnight at the Taverne

Once upon a time, a restaurant in Fantasyland named the Village Haus was temporarily transformed into the Red Rose Taverne, patterned after the dining establishment in Beauty and the Beast, as part of a cross-promotion for the live action adaptation of the classic animated classic.  This was supposed to be a temporary overlay--something lasting only a few months.  But the menu and the ambiance proved so successful that it lives on today.  Tucked away on the west corner of Fantasyland, across from Casey Jr. Circus Train, it's a wonderful restaurant for hearty travelers and weary guests.  And it's also a fun role reversal--that one time a French entity took over a German establishment!

The Red Rose Taverne--formerly the Village Haus--glistens in the evening post-rain.


  1. That's all the story of the region I live in.
    I live in the beautiful Alsace in the far east of France, wich was german, then french, then german and then french again. So the architecture, traditions and food are deeply impregnated by the germanic culture but we are french. You can take a look on google at Colmar, Strasbourg or Kaysersberg with are beautiful sites to visit here.

    I keep an eye on your blog everyday to see your beautiful shots. These are great and I love your writing as well !

    1. Oh yeah, you're right! I was thinking about WWII with my "French taking over Germany" joke, but that's totally happened back and forth in Alsace! It is a beautiful area that I'd love to visit sometime. Closest I've gotten has been visiting Zurich and Bern (not really that close) and passing through Nancy on a diverted train ride from Paris to Luxembourg. Haha.

      Thank you for the kind words!


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