A Day in the Manor

Mystic Manor on a beautiful, sunny day.
What would it be like to live in a whimsical and mysterious house that also doubled as a museum for fanciful treasures and exotic artifacts from all around the world--and then one day, they all came to life?  Well, that's exactly the adventure that unfolds within the walls of Mystic Manor, the abode of Lord Henry Mystic, member of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers, and renown collector of things around the world.  This home is a trove of instruments and masks and jewels and cultural memorabilia, and a tour through the grounds is quite a delight.  But when his loyal but mischievous pet monkey, Albert, gets a hold of his latest acquisition--a supposedly enchanted music box--and opens it, things really take on a life of its own! 

All of a sudden, everything springs to motion, and some of the figures take on their own sentience and personalities.  There are charming animations and spooky ones, and through it all, Albert manages to dodge certain peril, until he can contain the magic. 

All that within an eccecentric-looking but otherwise unassuming house!


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