Stationed and Waiting

A year ago, Disneyland was in the midst of cast member and media previews for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.  Ahead of the public opening of the most ambitious expansion in Disneyland History, anticipation was building as fans eagerly awaited what this new Galaxy Far Far Away was like.  Fast forward a year later, and the galaxy is a much different place under the spectre of something much worse than the Dark Side.  The novel Coronavirus has shut down theme parks across the world, and though Shanghai Disneyland reopened earlier in the month, and Universal Orlando makes plans to open a couple weeks from now, it still feels like it will be quite some time before normalcy returns to the theme park landscape.  I'm optimistic this will come though.  Not necessarily very soon, but in due time, and in an appropriate time.  And when that happens, the park and the Galaxy Far Far Away will be happy to welcome all of us back.

The TIE Echelon sits at the corner of the First Order stronghold in Black Spire Outpost.


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