A Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Day

During this pandemic, I've been slowly going through my catalog of unprocessed Disney photos, and the nearly year and a half of no new photos has given me an idea of which places I'd like to photograph more once I do start returning to the parks.  At Walt Disney's original Magic Kingdom, Critter Country is without a doubt one of those locales.  I have a decent supply of Splash Mountain photos, but much of the rest of the area is rather sparse in my photo archives.  It didn't help that when my hard drive failed a couple of years ago, not all of my photos were successfully backed up.  But it's okay... at least with Disneyland so near home, I can always go back and get angles that I've taken before but no longer have and pick up new views.  That's part of the fun of exploring the parks from behind the lens--especially on those beautiful weather, splendidly carefree days!

A log hurtles down a flume on the climactic finale of Splash Mountain.


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