Stationed by the Rapids

We're definitely into the dog days of summer, where the weather heats up during the same time that people are hitting the great outdoors.  Nature has always had an allure as an escape and as a place of wonder.  That's been even more the case this past year, as travel has ground to a halt, leaving people to look for more accessible local destinations.  In the U.S., a lot of that involves national parks and monuments and local wilderness areas, which allow for a variety of camping and hiking and outdoor trail activities.  That ambiance is well exemplified in Grizzly Peak at Disney California Adventure, which draws its inspiration from the Golden State landscape.  The rustic wilderness atmosphere is charming and lovely, and the woodland feel is tranquil and soothing.  

Eventually, we'll get back to more exotic traveling.  But for now, we can enjoy the natural gifts that are close to home!

Late night behind Grizzly River Run.


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