Entering the Trolley Park

Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront has a lot of different districts within it, from a turn-of-the-20th-century New York City to a romantic New England seaside to even a taste of a San Francisco wharf.  But tucked off to one corner, it also has an amusement park within a theme park in the form of Toyville Trolley Park, an expansion that opened just over nine years ago and pays homage to the classic seaside parks of the century ago.  Inspired by such historic places like Coney Island and Luna Park, this Victorian escape shares a similar atmosphere to the Paradise Pier makeover that also occurred around a decade ago--the one that wasn't fully realized until the California Adventure themed land's transformation into Pixar Pier.  

At Tokyo Disney Sea, the footprint of this area is much smaller, but it's still anchored by a Toy Story-themed attraction, and the detail in the architecture and environment is even better, owing to the high, hyper-realistic standards the rest of the park upholds.  So even though this might be just a miniature neighborhood to introduce a cloned attraction, it's still an amazing piece of place-making!

The Toy Story-themed mini-land within Tokyo Disney Sea's American Waterfront, with a classic Atlantic seaside amusement park ambiance.


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