Christmas at the Pier and Wharf

Today's photo is stolen.  While the image below is my creation, the framing was taken from a photo shared by talented photographer friend, Danny, nearly a month ago.  Danny is one of many fantastic Disney fan photographers on Instagram who produces consistently fantastic work, and I particularly appreciate his unique ability to compose his photos with a sense of layered depth--typically utilizing foliage as a foreground framing element to set around the main subject shown in the midground.  When he posted this particular frame, I kicked myself at having never noticed it in all my years of taking photos of this very same subject at Disney California Adventure.  That might be because the actual location from which this photo was shot is unremarkable--just a bench to the side of the entrance to Boudin Bakery, with the tree obscuring most of the view from a human head height level.  But get closer to railing height, and this really nifty corridor opens, presenting a wonderful crop that provides a beautiful image.

That's the fun and challenge of photography.  Even if it's a familiar subject, it's great to find new and different ways to capture it!

The beautiful Pacific Wharf "Christmas tree" buoys float serenely, with Paradise Bay beyond.


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