The Most Colorful Cruise

Last Thursday was a fruitful nighttime photo run at Disneyland, because I arrived after it had been raining a couple of days but had stopped for the evening, allow me to capture some luminous slick pavement scenes that reflected the light of the holiday atmosphere.  One of the shots occurred near the end of the night, over by It's a Small World.  This year, the overlook by the last turnaround of the ride before it returns to the station was blocked off for much of the holiday a season for construction of an ADA wheelchair ramp, which meant I couldn't photograph that familiar view (and even once it opened, the lights weren't all on like usual), so this ended up being my best attraction overview photo.  The incredibly dense and colorful lights cast a saturated glow onto the damp pavement, which made for a fun composition.  Though the Disneyland holiday season officially ends next Sunday, It's a Small World Holiday will continue running through January 23rd before it goes down again to be reconverted to its normal form!

It's a Small World Holiday from afar, after an evening drizzle.


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