Good Night, Avengers Campus

Transformations are what Disney does, but it's almost hard to believe that not that many years ago, the scene below was a much simpler transition into a stop gap children's themed land that never really developed beyond the quick expansion it was.  A Bug's Land was always my least favorite area of Disney California Adventure, and while it fulfilled a need for more family-friendly rides in the park, it never really provided the immersive atmosphere that Disney was known for.  The rehash into the Marvel-centric Avengers Campus has been an improvement in quality and placemaking.  Though the attraction quantity has actually worsened--going from four children's rides to one more sophisticated family adventure--the atmosphere is markedly more impressive and built out, with a lot more photogenic photo spots to take advantage of.  

At the beginning and the end of all of it, though, is the sleek-looking entrance, with in-ground lighting, a cool, neon sign, and the side facade of the Web Slingers attraction providing a pathway to the heart of this "Marvel Land" and a show facade for the Spiderman action sequence and meet-and-greet.  It's all definitely a lot more cohesive than its predecessor, and hopefully, that Phase 2 expansion can make DCA's newest land more enriching!

The entrance plaza into Avengers Campus.


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