Sweeping the Mansion Nightmare Away

Okay, I lied. Yesterday wasn't the last Christmas post.  But it's not my fault! Today's post wasn't planned to be a holiday post, but last Friday, when I visited Disneyland for the last time this winter holiday season, I rode the Haunted Mansion Holiday for the last time, and the ride happened to stop at several points, allowing me the opportunity to shoot scenes in prime situations without having to worry about the Doom Buggies in movement.  Plus, one of the ride stops happened to be right in front of the Sally animatronic, which allowed me to capture multiple angles and views--especially with the brightened scenes beyond her that were spiffied up in refurbishment during the Mansion downtime.

By now, I think everyone knows what goes on in the Haunted Mansion Holiday, so just enjoy the images below capturing one more ride through the 20th anniversary of this Nightmare Before Christmas crossover with those beloved Grim Grinning Ghosts!  The regular Haunted Mansion will be back on January 21st.


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