The Wildest and Mildest Rides in the Wilderness

In Disneyland Paris, the Rivers of the Far West play a mirrored equivalent of the Rivers of America, complete with its watercraft going counterclockwise vs Disneyland's clockwise circuit.  There are some other differences, like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad running in an island in the middle of the waters, as opposed to Tom Sawyer Island in the original.  But ultimately, this is a land of rugged Old West, untamed and full of natural glory.  Well, simulated natural glory--it is a Disney park, after all.  But ultimately, the sights are still majestic!  This view of the Molly Brown and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad running concurrently definitely showcases Disneyland Paris' wilderness ambiance!

The Molly Brown plies the Rivers of the West as a Big Thunder Mountain mine train whizzes around the corner.


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