Villains Day 2022

Disneyland has a lot of unofficial fan dress-up and special event days that are not formally affiliated with the park. The most famous of them all is Dapper Day, which we've covered many times in the past.  But there are also other get-togethers that have their own followings, and this past Sunday was one of them.  Villains Day--a celebration of Disney baddies, took place on a surprisingly warm February Day, and although it wasn't as heavily participated as, say, Dapper Day, there was still a pretty strong turnout of Disney fans who Disneybounded as their favorite villains.  

Here are a few photos of the day!

A big group photo gathered in front of the castle in the early afternoon.

Not surprisingly, Loki was the most popular villain costume, on account of last year's smash hit Disney+ series.

But others were represented, such as Captain Hook and Smee.

My friend, Melissa, Disneybounded as Matterhorn terror, Harold the Abominable Snowman!

Her friend, Lynette, played the part of the Queen of Hearts.

President Loki passed out campaign stickers.

I spotted this gender-bending Loki waiting to meet Disney character Loki over in Avengers Campus.


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